Welcome Friends and Supporters of Kristine!!

BREAKING NEWS! You could be Waiting for Tina Meyer at The Robin Theatre on October 6, 2015! Save that date for the one-performance-only reading of Waiting for Tina Meyer, a play by Kristine Thatcher (Niedecker, Among Friends) and Larry Shue (The Nerd, The Foreigner). 100 seats–general admission–will be available for this reading at The Robin Theatre, a cool new venue in Lansing’s REO Town. We’ll let you know when tickets go on sale….but in the meantime…mark your calendars!

22-Kristine_at_SFT-WEB-11.jpgThank you for visiting our fundraising page for Kristine (Maggie) Thatcher.

Friends and supporters like you have made it possible for Kristine to gain ground in financial recovery from her cancer diagnosis and treatment. Thank you so much to all! At the moment, Kristine is about half-way through a second round of chemotherapy. Her doctors are optimistic about getting her back into remission, and that’s great news.

Your visit here means you understand that physical recovery is only the beginning for Kristine. Financial recovery can take a long time after a medical crisis of this kind. If you are here because you are thinking of helping, you can read more about Kristine here, read about our upcoming events here, or donate now using the “Give to Help Kristine Recover” button below. Either way, please accept our thanks.

If you’d prefer, you can send a check to:

The Kristine Thatcher Fund
P.O. Box 4321
East Lansing, MI, 48826


Thank you for your generosity!